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#Sadderday (By @PudgeIsParched)

#Sadderday (By @PudgeIsParched)

Firstly I want to thank Nerd for letting share my pitiful awful filthy story of MY SADDERDAY LIFE . N!ggas claim sadderday… I LIVE the life . SHOUT OUT  Bills and Nerd for the platform .

Anyway, after reading Sadderday stories and showing my friends it’s a fact….IM SAD BY BLOOD NOT RELATSHUNNN.  Two years back (around October 2010)  I had the cutest, most humble college girl. She goes to temple . A n!gga did all the right things until summer 2011. I had a job and she went home for summer break although she resides in Philly. I’m from West and no matter how humble I am I’m still a dirty West Philly n!gga at heart . I took my old boo virginity, we watched lifetime etc… But that summer 2011 I got my swagger back !! I was f*cking hoes. Hoes on the job, hoes I meet at parties, my neighbor and all that real n!gga filthy shit . Then ….. My motherf*cking conscious started fucking with me and I told my old boo my filthy ways. Not only did we work it out, we were cool ….. UNTIL START OF SEMESTER . She had her college homies back, she was a year wiser and she straight dumped a nigga AUGUST 28 2011 . Around 7:34 pm.


N!gga I wrote poems, tried to have arguments in public with her friends, left sad crying voice mails …just to get my boo back . IT DIDN’T WORK. WORD FROM ME IF YOU AND YOUR OLD CHICK BROKE UP AND YOU NOT FOLLOWING HER ON  TWITTER DON’T FUCKING GO ON HER TL . I decided to check my old girl TL like Dec 2011 and found out she getting pounded by some n!gga name RON RON . I still remember that n!gga name. Not only was I crushed but I went into deep depression on my aunt couch. Drinking corn liquor looking at pics wanting my boo back .


I was with my homies and she was there. I was drinking in my own sad zone cuz she wouldn’t dance with me . THEN MY COUSIN UTTER THEM WORDS THAT ALTERED MY LIFE FOREVER .

“Aint that ya girl over there????”

There was my queen sitting there all alone so i walk over and Im drunk ready to spill my heart out when this big brolic n!gga comes up. I KEPT IT G AND ASKED HIM WAS MY QUEEN HIS CHICK …. HE ANSWERED YES. I COULDN’T EXPLAIN WHAT I SAW BEFORE THE PICTURE WENT BLANK I JUST FOLLOWED MY INSTINCT. I told that nigga hand me a box ( fighting for non philly n!ggas) He didn’t want no parts PROLLI cuz I was drunk . Smh my n!ggas had to pull me out the party I was so sad and regretful I left a voicemail on her phone pleading for forgiveness .. Smfh .. THIS B!TCH SNAPPED ON ME CALLED ME ALL TYPES OF BROKE AIN’T SHIT FILTHY NO POT TO PISS IN SLEEPING ON YA AUNT COUCH N!GGA .

I didn’t care I wanted my boo back . I continue to send her emails. She block my number. She changed her email . I called her from different phones just to hear her voice or just her voicemail. SHE CALLED MY FATHER. THIS BITCH CALLED MY FATHER AND TOLD HIM WHAT I DID . I was that guy in rappers songs about SUCKA n!ggas . I love my ex girl I never let her go …EVER . After my pop talked some sense to me I FELL BACK ….until recently. I got a new phone new number so now I send her random texts . She wants no parts but I pick my spots like Durant and shoot that text . Now I’m having all types of dreams of this bitch my ex queen who I’m still in love with .. Sucker for love mmmm mmmmm SUCKA for love … To be continued ..

Forever sad

– @PudgeIsParched

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