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#Sadderday (by @BBillions)

#Sadderday (by @BBillions)

Mannnnn I’m in some deep shit… With the anticipation of the whole ending on 12-21-12 I didn’t even expect to make it to this sadderday… The crazy shit you do when you think Armageddon is approaching smh… I done called allllll my bitches like everyyyy single 1… old bitches, new bitches, even bitches that ain’t even mine yet and confessed all my sins to them. I told them how I’m cheating on them but they’re  the only 1 I really care about and I wish I was better person and if the world wasn’t ending we’d be together forever and that we should meet up again 1 last time… On some dale from pinapple express shit… I was only bull shitting tho I just wanted to make them feel good before we ummm ya know DIE.

I didn’t actually want to see them (unless they wanted to see me ) so for the past 2 weeks I been taking them on dates, spending the night with them …shit sometimes I would see 1 in the am and 1 at night, just tryna make peace with the women I’ve wronged over so many years so I could have a chance to make it into heaven when the J man came thru. Nigga never came, I’m still stuck here and now I’m in 9 relationships and might be having a few kids on the way. I should have listened to Cassidy “condom style” but thinking you’ve reach the apocalypse and all safe sex seems just a likkle bit pointless ya know… fuck it tho. I been trying catch antonio cromorti any way. The worst part is I ain’t trying to  buy all these bitches Christmas gifts!!!!! Wtf I made some many promises I didn’t intend to keep cause I kind of sorta figured I would be in the after life by now and I would have  just told them bitches that anything that happen on earth happen on earth and I can’t be held accountable.  I had sooo many plans on what I was gonna do when I got to heaven but here it is 12-22-12 and I’m still here stuck on earth smh.

Fuck the mayans!!! Fuck Mya fuck Maya Angalou fuck maya Lanski fuck Oscar Mayer fuck anybody who name is anything even close to that!! Smh idk how the fuck imma get my self out of this one


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