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Life Lessons with Uncle Ron

Life Lessons with Uncle Ron

Every day I learn that nothing is the same. You could be a person who avoids eye contact with people now and later in life, babies won’t trust you. Think of every pretty girl you’ve ever lusted after and never made eye contact with. You wasted an opportunity to look at her pussy. Trust me this makes sense. When you look a woman in her eye and don’t blink; you can catch a glimmer of her vagina. Your whole existence as a man is based around that glimmer. This is all vulgar if you’ve never gotten pussy; but all science. Your life began inside a warm, happy and loving place. The vagina. As you grew older you began to realize that your time inside the vagina would come to an end and you would be cast out into a cold world with only your memories of the times when all life did was make sense. But it gets better. You’ll grow up and God will bring this thing into your life called pussy. Pussy is much different than vagina. Much much different. Vagina is retired pussy. Vagina sits at the end of the bench  and doesn’t get checked in unless the backup fouls out. Your mother stopped having a pussy when she got pregnant with you. Vagina was what kept you safe from the miserable world where people tell you that having fetishes for nude yoga is wrong.

I dead ass wanna try nude yoga but that’s too tender for my heterosexuality. But I’m a creep so I’d watch women do nude yoga while I eat popcorn like I’m at a movie with 3D glasses definitely. But that’s not the point. The point is pussy is different. Pussy will change your life when vagina will keep it the same. As you became more mature and able to actually penetrate pussy you realized it was all an illusion. As beautiful and delicious and magical as pussy may appear to be; as long as its pussy; it will never be yours. Your mother can’t teach you that pussy doesn’t belong to you. Your father can only teach you how to hold a pussy hostage; but you lowkey resent your father because he fucked your mom when she still had a pussy. You still gotta love your mother despite her flaws. You can’t love pussy though. You can really really really really like pussy. But it’s an emotionless vessel until it becomes a vagina. A vagina doesn’t get the same attention as a pussy. If you have a pussy and are around jawns with vaginas that nobody really cares about; you’ll see the difference. You cant put all your love into a pussy…pussy can’t feel love. It can just feel good. When a pussy changes into a vagina be prepared for another life lesson.

My whole point is that vagina and pussy aren’t the same. Stop being afraid of pussy. Stop being afraid to look in the eyes of women. A woman’s eyes and her vagina are the only things that have been with her since she came into this world of Warcraft. Titties come and go. In her eyes is where her pussy lies. As always; I’m ugly, God still loves me and We’re gonna make it. If things dont make sense. Do drugs and they will.

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