Nerd At The Cool Table
Dope Or Nope

Dope Or Nope


1.Eating cold pizza at 7:33am
2.Dissing the Mayans
3.Birdman singles
4.Sending that DM you’ve been wanting to send
5.Good women that support you
6.The Dominican Republic
7. Jules (@Urbnstylista)
8.Fosters Australian for beer commercials


1.Being a Mayan
2.Not liking stuff because other people say it’s no good
3.Chief keef album
4.Standing on line for Jordan’s & just Jordan’s period.
6.Starting to rap because Trinidad James getting a deal inspired you
7.Arguing without information


  1. T-Mobile is so terrible. I have their service & I still have a BlackBerry #Sadderday

  2. Nope #7 though!!!! My ultimate pet peeve. Like why even bother

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