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Dear Sneakers (By @RonONealDC)

Dear Sneakers (By @RonONealDC)

Dear Sneakers,

 It’s not you. It’s me.

 See, when I was younger, there weren’t as many people chasing you. It was just us. I mean, of course you were a bit of a crew lover, but that was ok. I didn’t mind sharing my love for you with my friends. Because we all had similar, yet different, taste.  You’ve always been a chameleon of sorts. You switched your style up constantly like a beautiful woman with a hair stylist sister. And I loved you. Loved you with all of my heart. I made foolish decisions for you. Risked my freedom when I was too young and dumb to realize that I was…. Well, risking my freedom. You were my passion. My love.  My addiction. I loved you. And you loved me back.

 She’s my high 

She’s my life 

She’s my drug 

I’m so addicted to her love 

She’s my need 

And I’m her feed 

She’s my drug 

 I’m so addicted to her love 

 Unfortunately, all things must come to an end.  I’m not mad at you. I just can’t do it anymore. See, you started to attract too much attention. Like a woman with five thousand Twitter followers. The more men started paying you attention, the more out of pocket you became. You used to be so humble and respectful. Our mutual associates were always able to ensure that we were together. Our love was unwavering. I was there for you, and you were there for me.

 But things changed.

 Now, you’re nothing but a filthy whore to me. You do way too much. All these off-brand dudes spend all day tweeting about you like they know you.  I see these punks post pictures of you all day on Instagram. And it hurts. It fuckin hurts. Cause I know they don’t know you like I do. I know they weren’t hip to you 10, 5, shit, even 3 years ago. They’ve pimped you, and I don’t know if you genuinely can’t see it, or if you really just don’t care. They inflate your ego with what they’re willing to pay for you, raising your price yet lowering your value at the same time. And you love it. You fucking bitch. You. Fucking. Love. It.

 That is why we can no longer be together. One of us has to be strong enough to put an end to this. Alas, I must go.  Just know, I will always love you.

 It’s not you.  It’s me.

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