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#AppGod: Keek For The Creeps

#AppGod: Keek For The Creeps

Yup. The new creep app is here.

It’s called “Keek”.

Basically, it’s instagram but videos instead of pictures. Yes, it’s better than Cinemagram and no it’s not just like that other video app (I forgot the name but the sh!t was wack)

You get 30 seconds. If that’s not enough to get ya aura across then I don’t know what to tell you. I lurked all through the app and I didn’t see one trace of ignorance or Black Twitter. It’s pretty peaceful (Won’t be anymore).

Only sign of ratchetness was my main man…..

If that’s not enough reason to join then I don’t know what is.

Install the app, Join, Follow me (Nerdnash) and let me know if you feeling it. If so, Salute the APP GOD.

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