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Women Who Think Like Men, Attract Men Who Act Like Women. (By @GDSIX)

Women Who Think Like Men, Attract Men Who Act Like Women. (By @GDSIX)

Fact. Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, T.D. Jakes and countless others are making millions brandin themselves as cultural gurus who understand the plight of our black women. Fact. “Think Like A Man” was a dope movie and cleaned up on a good $33.6 million first week.. but, do I really want a women who thinks like me? If so, what type of man am I?

“Think Like a Man” follows the love lives of four women sketched as common black female stereotypes: the single mother (Regina Hall), the promiscuous Jezebel in need of some type of tamin (Meagan Good), the never satisfied control freak (Gabrielle Union) and the emasculatin, powerful executive (Taraji P. Henson). All in all to say how can we want a women who thinks about sex all the time? A woman who has no feminine side because she busy spittin bar-b-q sunflowers seeds on the floor, drinkin a beer and talkin about how n*ggas ain’t shit and how she on to the next one. Where are all my women who wants to remain beautiful, smart and have emotions? the fuck do I want a chick who always lookin for another nut? btw, I have a great understandin on what the writers were goin for when statin “Think Like A Man” and I will soon buy Harvey’s book. (depends on if the Knicks win. I’ll buy the book with the winnins from the series). I’m makin this purchase to do my research, to see if there’s anywhere in the book where he states why he left his kids and ex wife like he did to go start a new family, then becomes this relationship guru and havin a bunch of weirdo dudes joinin his heman woman hatin club. If a man can say he truly understands a woman, I can’t understand why he sits down and piss. Pay ya bills and take care of your business and I bet that’ll keep her mouth closed.

Now in the movie, the women are usin Harvey’s book as a life manual to navigate expectations, courtship and sexual intimacy, they play seemingly successful mind games until the day their deceptive plans backfire and the male characters in the film discover their hidden weapon. This isn’t to say that “Think Like a Man” and movies like it are devoid of wisdom and don’t mirror reality in some respects, but men can’t continue to be conduits of a woman’s understandin, mediatin how a woman see herself and how society as a whole views our women. Popular culture is in desperate need of more entertainment mediums that are conceptualized, owned and operated by black women fully equipped to cultivate and sustain their own cultural production. All production is good, any production is good and in todays world, the women are becomin more and more  independent and productive. A problem I always had was ego. My ego was to the roof and as a man, with a woman who is makin more money than you, you sometime become this ego maniac and it stays on the back of your mind. I forgot to mention, for this, I also was a fuckin fool! A woman who makes more than her man is nothin but motivation, but boys won’t get it and probably have not one intention on gettin it.

Now, I wouldn’t be Politically incorrect if I went out on the ledge and stated I know how all of us men think. I can only speak on what I been through and what’s envisioned. Example: If my girl thought like me.. could I even trust her. hell, I barely trust myself half the time. But, I don’t really have the time on my hands to think about if she cheatin or not. nah, and I don’t have the trait in me to go through her phone and her purse is out the fuckin question. These are those female traits from a insecure male who have a women whose thinkin like a man with the same intentions. I don’t have the time on my hands to be tryin to crack a security lock on a phone. I don’t have the time to walk around 24/7 angry and always wonderin what my lady doin. I really can go on and on about these female traits that dudes are beginnin to possess but I rather not, my stomach is startin to hurt.

When will our black women take responsibility for some of their actions as well. When I turn on the tube, no reason why I should be a bit of disgusted when seein my strong beautiful women on. It’s not just my race, so again, I asked why wasn’t there a white woman playin a lead role in this movie? was the writers insinuatin that only blacks go through these problems? Why are there so many reality, I’m rich off my ex husband tv shows? Never have my eyes locked on to any of these bad girls club, housewives, or reality shows and was impressed. More of disappointed and in shock that America can distract people from real problems in the world with nonsense such as is this b*tches bag real, or why this b*tch keep lookin at me. I don’t knock the hustler, I throw shade on the writers and the audience. My black women the most. How do we get on national tv and take what once was so sacred and air it out for a blue check on twitter and a X to sign on. Keep thinkin like a man and watch how fast ya boyfriend leave ya ass… for a man.

This will continue. Otherwise we will continue to see widespread portrayals of black women as problems in need of fixin. “Think Like a Man” comes on the heels of the American mass media’s recent naggin obsession with the state of black women and an alleged epidemic of single hood. Treat ya lady like the Queen she is and her feminine ways will be right with you for a long time or allow her to have the thought of a dude and see how many other dudes gettin the same treatment you’re gettin. I’m glad I was able to share this blog.. before I go, I didn’t want to leave without a big… Steve Harvey, FUCK YOU!

The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything but they make the most of everything…

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