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Remember Prince Naseem Hamed? (Video)

Remember Prince Naseem Hamed? (Video)

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What happened to this guy? I’m pretty sure somebody finally but a end to his ring antics and it was wrap for him.


  1. Lost to Marco Antonio Barrera in 2001 in an embarrassing decision loss. Had another fight where he looked relatively ordinary. Retired shortly after that fight in 2002. Despite rumors(that seemed to come up every year) that he would return to the ring, he has not fought since.

  2. this guy was built for the twitter era.

  3. Yeah he was the man until Barrera tore him a new one. His 90’s swag ring entrances >>>>>
    We saw him out in London this year and now he’s Larry Holmes status.

    Check out his interviews for a few extra laughs too

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