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“Ray Lewis, Michael Jordan” Excerpt from AL Patron’s “Third’s Eye View” Book

“Ray Lewis, Michael Jordan” Excerpt from AL Patron’s “Third’s Eye View” Book

Book drops on the 28th … Order it HERE


“Be miserable or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”Wayne Dyer

 Every moment, every second is the first and last of its kind, live this shit. People wake up to go to jobs they hate because they have bills to pay and I respect the fuck out of hard working folks who do whatever they must to provide and get by but I despise it all  the same. I’m almost 100% sure people that work in the supermarket didn’t fill that out as their goal on career day; no disrespect but it’s the truth. We are all different but all human and if another human being can live their dream why can’t you?

A lot of my inspiration comes from seeing the motivation of others turn into their dreams.

Rashard Lewis was a high school phenomenon in Houston, Texas and every indication pointed to him being a 1st round draft pick. Rashard was invited to the green room, an invitation generally reserved for players taken in the lottery; however he wasn’t drafted until the 3rd pick in the 2nd round by the Seattle Supersonics. I feel as if the NBA, specifically David Stern set him up for embarrassment and used him as a pawn to tell a cautionary tale to other high school players that the NBA isn’t for everyone. Imagine having your entire family with you, sitting and waiting as name after name gets called to the podium, your entire city watching you, friends who know you for being nothing short of the greatest thing since sliced bread and people are tampering with your dream? When his name was finally called, Rashard Lewis made his way to the podium, face full of tears on national television and I’m paraphrasing but in regards to the teams that passed him over said “I’m going to make them pay…” While in Seattle, Rashard made the all-star team once, while setting the franchise record for most three pointers made. Before the 2002-03 NBA season, 4 years after being drafted and presumably when he would have graduated college, Lewis signed a contract extension with the Sonics for $60,000,000 over seven years. He opted out of that contract with $21,000,000 on the table over the last two years and signed a contract with the Orlando Magic for $118,000,000 for six years. Rashard Lewis kept his draft night promise and made them pay, literally.

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