Nerd At The Cool Table
Dope Or Nope

Dope Or Nope

1.Call of duty black ops 2
2.Sprayground book bags
3.Not using drugs just because you heard em in a song
4.RFC ( You’ll understand soon enough)
5.Believing in yourself
6.Being smart with your money
7.All gold everything by Trinidad James
8. Being able to meet up with your drug connect on your lunch break

1.Seeing fredo in the cut
2.Girl on fire by Alicia Keys (Fucking hate this)
3.Mike (Its ok to not play defense just shoot) D’antoni
4.Demarcus Cousins attitude
5.1800 Tequila
6.Shyne & Game Beef
7.Trying to be a part of everybody’s team
8. NerdAtTheCoolTable.Com being down all day.

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