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Life Lessons with Uncle Ron

Life Lessons with Uncle Ron

Life Lessons from Uncle Ron. In a few hours Daddy Ron. These are the last few thoughts before life brings forth life. These are the lessons that have guided me to here.

–  Don’t panic. I had a whole dope speech prepared then things happened and that speech won’t ever be heard. I realized that no matter what’s going on around you; just don’t panic. Plan. React. Just don’t panic. There’s lessons in life that can be learned in the heat of the moment.


– If you want to make a difference, you gotta be different. Embrace the different things in life. Embrace the different things about you.

 – To everyone I have ever met who had a goal of never being wack. Keep going. Don’t fucking quit. N*ggas with no morals, values, or principles will always be out here. Be above it. If you’ve done filthy f*cked up things in life; forgive yourself then be f*ckin better.

– If you have a girl or believe in relationships during daylight hours; make sure you keep twitter n*ggas out of her phone. If she’s saving niggas numbers in her phone after a few Lol’s and some DM’s choke slam her phone into the street and then tear your shirt open and tell her she’s tearing out your heart. Nah; don’t do that… Ron did that so hopefully you won’t have to go through that. Just know this…if your girl got n*ggas from twitter in her phone she’s still your girl; but somebody else’s girl too.
– Always look for inspiration. That’s one of the commandments. Be inspired. Thoughts of inspiration should be what wakes you up in the morning. The Moans…I mean sounds of inspiration should forever guide your soul. If there once was a land before thighs; I never want to know about it. Be inspired by the way your girl’s ass looks when she changes her leggings in front of you. Keep her close to you for that reason. Be inspired by the people who never made it. Make it for them.
These are the lessons life has let me learn. May the waves you ride always keep you afloat

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