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The “Bunny God” Manual: Fall Into The Season (By @FastTimesAtRF)

The “Bunny God” Manual: Fall Into The Season (By @FastTimesAtRF)

Greetings. Isn’t that picture great?

Summer is out of here my good people. Football was back in full force yesterday and if that’s not an indication of Summer’s departure, I don’t know what is. Time to pack up the hot sun love and laidback mentality and summon the cooler weather passion and the hustle of working in the upcoming holiday season. As an established or up and coming Bunny God, switching modes should always be a flawless maneuver. The activities change, the alcohol gets more sophisticated, the clothing gets heavier, but the quest to be the league leader in Bunny attracting remains the same.

Here’s the game plan for Fall/Winter 2012-2013

-Pick up a new Craft Beer and Liquor/Wine

-Host a social event at your place.

-Establish a brand new hobby you wouldn’t expect yourself to do.

-Build a mindset to be physically fit then attack the gym.

-Enjoy a different genre of music.

-Keep a bunny close well into 2013.

-Understanding how a good vocabulary can get you places.

-Learning the art of beating confrontation quickly and finding your zen.

The goals for the new seasons are a little bit deeper than usual because lets be real here, times are changing and we must adapt to it while keeping the playbook fresh. Being a Bunny God can have many challenges because face it, it has been frowned upon since the concept of mingling with white women was born but guess what? That’s ok though because if people are in that much of a uproar about it, there will always be people who stick by you and that’s who you cling to. I for one will always stick by you and The Cool Table will always be a place to call home when things get rough and don’t you forget it. Remember, gaining prosperity is all mental.

So move forward Gentleman and let’s enjoy this new season plenty. There will be some new things coming to the manual as well as some oldie but goodie posts because that’s what we are all about. Up next, A Toast to Goodness is back with all new selections and some guests who know about beer just like myself and possibly more.

Stay Cool

-Bunny God

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