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The “Bunny God” Manual: A Toast to Greatness: Season 2, Part Un (By @FastTimesAtRF)

The “Bunny God” Manual: A Toast to Greatness: Season 2, Part Un (By @FastTimesAtRF)


First and foremost, bask in the greatness of the new site layout. She’s a beauty isn’t she? We promise to keep bringing that fire here at N@CT, so let’s get into it.

Let me be the first to say @NerdAtCoolTable has come a long way in the beer game. He’s went from Coronas and Patron Margaritas, to straight up Craft Brews and has seen the light. That jump actually prompted me to let you in on the types of beers for the Fall/Winter that you need to try. It’s getting cold out so the light and crisp beers aren’t going to cut it when it’s frigid out. Pay attention and start searching for these beers by brewing company, then build your own list of names you like.  That will be your homework.

English Porters

A dark beer that is sometimes compared to drinking a meal.  Porter’s hail from London and were promptly given the name due to the fact that river porters and street porters loved this heavy beer. A porter will keep your stomach full and give you a good malt flavor and often infused with different flavors you would associate with heavy drinks such as vanilla, chocolate, and even coffee. The best time to drink a porter is when you’re eating a steak or even out with the fellas. Sometimes 2 is just enough due to the heaviness. ABV 4%-7%

Brewing Company Suggestions: Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams),Yards Brewing Company , or Highland Brewing Company


A Bunny God Favorite right here. A beer originally brewed by Trappist Monks in Belgium and one that packs a punch no matter what. Rich and malty accompanied with a sweet flavor and little to no bitterness. Quadrupel’s usually carry and ABV of about 9%-13% so be ready to feel the punch fast. I recommend you sip this one and don’t rush greatness because many have tried, few have walked straight afterwards.

Brewing Company Suggestions: La Trappe/De Koningshoeven, Weyerbacher Brewing Co, or Founders Brewing Company

American Stout

I wouldn’t be a proud American if I didn’t suggest what I call “home cooking” with beer. Support our American craft breweries and catch yourself sipping on an American Stout. This style of beer is the hybrid child of English and Irish stouts. A Stout and a Porter are cousins so it will have a lot of the same characteristics except American stouts can be extremely hoppy or mellow. Breweries have perfected the art of making them have a wide range. With an ABV of about 4%-7% these brews are perfect for a good night of drinking in a Cool Mentality Hoodie.

Brewing Company Suggestions: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Triumph Brewing Company, Rockyard Brewing Company


Last but not least, we have the Dopplebocks. Fresh out of Germany, these heavy lagers make trudging through cold wind and wet weather worth it. Known for a roasted chocolate flavor and being dark as night, these beers are also seen as a meal in a glass. Sip this as well. No one I’ve ever met pound Dopplebocks like they’re at a frat party at a college campus. ABV 6.5&-9%

Brewing Company Suggestions: Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu , Tröegs Brewing Company, Victory Brewing Company.

Now, as I stated before, I have given you the shell to work with in this post. Obviously, there are more beer styles aligned with this fall/winter but you should get the gist of where we are going. I have left out specific beer names like “Three Philosophers” and “Chicory Stout” because I want you to take it upon yourself to explore a bit. Everything in life can’t be handed to you and you have to create your own path to follow so go forth and be great.

A Toast to Greatness: Season 2, Part Deux is going to be ran by you guys. Send us your experiences and triumph and or fail stories with finding the right beer and we will put it up on N@CT so until next time…..

-Bunny God

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