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She has to die: Skyler White from Breaking Bad UNAPPRECIATION

She has to die: Skyler White from Breaking Bad UNAPPRECIATION

*This may contain spoilers*

This b*tch has to go. It’s time to get her up outta here and death is the only way. The biggest b*tch in the history of television.

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After the stunt she pulled on sunday night she has to be smoked. Disrespecting my main man Walter like that after all he’s done for her. She pulls that stunt at his birthday celebration…then says she wants his cancer to return. I haven’t slept right since.

How many times can she spit in our faces until someone puts the fork in her?

First it was this…..

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How dare she Marilyn Monroe it up for her co-worker while Mr. White is out in the streets grinding. This was the first sign she was no good.

Then this filth……

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She gave Ted the box then gladly through it in Walts face before dinner. That sh!t hurt my soul. I never looked at my queen the same again. Heisenberg should have wiped her out right there.

Then …this….sh!t….right… here…

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I almost threw up. I was literally sick after this. Gave Walts money to bitch as Ted. One of the most f*cked up moments i ever spent watching television.

I think I speak for all Breaking Bad fans when I say it’s time for Skyler to visit that upper room. The whole show will be a disaster if she makes it out alive. I have faith though. Faith in Walt and faith in karma. She’ll get hers and we’ll all be able to rejoice. Until then, i’m praying for her demise before bed and after I wake up.


  1. Let the church say amen!!!

  2. I hate her ass. Wish they wouldn’t have saved her from that pool

  3. Agreed! That bitch is insane and far too big of a liability and all that just adds insult to her disrespectful ways. I woulda been put a hit out on her!

  4. that bitch needed to be rubbed out a long time ago..its gotta be done. as a wise young southern poet once said, aint no way around it

  5. I would of been gave her a cup full of ricin I truly think she gonna be His downfall

  6. She needs to go and so does her sister Marie! Can’t stand either one of them.

  7. Ha, I knew if I googled “time for Skyler to go – permanently” I’d find some kindred soul who’d be thinking more or less along the same lines as I have been.

    How does episode 8 sound for her final exit? Not only would it provide a suitably substantial event to conclude the ha’season, but, to make both the winter and the wait a bit more bearable, a warm memory as well.

  8. i don’t think i’ve ever been so disgusted with a person. she just up and gave ALL OF WALT’S MONEY to ted. i hate her so much, and god i hope she dies.

  9. I just started watching Breaking Bad (now i’m on beg. Season 4) and love how Walter’s character has developed – becoming his true self where as most of his life he has had to squash himself for the sake of being validated as a member of “normal” society (which suited Skyler), however i am hating more and more Skyler…. I really can’t stand her: this article made me chuckle!

    How can Walter remain so patient with her where as sometimes she needs a good slapping around! She is acting like she’s the smartest one and knows best, where as if it wasn’t for Walter she wouldn’t have anything! I hope she gets what’s coming to her!!!!

  10. AGREED! this f*cking b*tch has to die. Can’t even begin to describe how much I hate her.

  11. Yo nerd I fucks with u for this son lmaoo

  12. Not only do I despise the Skylar character now, but I can’t stand looking at Anna Gunn’s INCREASINGLY fatter, botoxed face anymore! And do they really think dressing her in flowy, layered, Lane Bryant ensembles will somehow camoflauge her 50-60 lb. weight gain?

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