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Life Lessons from Uncle Ron

Life Lessons from Uncle Ron

“Im Not Here To Judge You”

This world is out of control. I’m not here to control it. Neither are you. I’m not here to judge you or what you do. Life has its own natural selection process. I’m a changed man. I’ve done things I’m not proud of; but I’ve learned to just tweet through it. I can’t be getting fucked up every night drinking like an unemployed nigga. No disrespect to the unemployed niggas. I was once a dirty nigga just like you.  Have you ever said “fuck pussy” and just bought drugs instead? Nah? me either. If you’ve ever done that though; I’m not here to judge you. I believe that you can be better. Have you ever been so sad and lonely that you  late night lurk on your ex’s facebook page to see if they’ve changed their default picture? Just so you can have a reason to text them. Nah? Me either. If you’ve done that; I’m not here to judge you. Just remember Ron did that; so hopefully you wont have to go through that.

If you leave the house looking like you haven’t felt a bar of soap against your skin in years; Im not here to judge you.

The sad thing is…this girl probably has a facebook and internet access but no fucks or drivers license.

There’s no way she can have a job. Who would hire her? I bet she’s really good at sleeping and babysitting.

If this is something you could see yourself doing. I’m not here to judge you; but fuck you. What city do you think these basic bad bitches are from?

Why do i have so many questions about this picture? Why can i hear the dialogue of this whole squabble?

“I told you not to bring your ass up here bitch”

“hey hey hey y’all gotta take this mess outside”

“Lord jesus she got her little titties all out in front of the chilrun”

“Rodney turning over in his grave right now”

If you see nothing wrong with this picture; i’m not here to judge you. America’s future looks like this. Tender faces and a nigga who just doesn’t give a fuck.

If you’ve ever walked into a fast food store just to take free things. I’m not here to judge you. How real is the world when people steal ice?

He’s just thinking to himself about how he should have thought of this sooner.

If you take your child with you everywhere; I’m not here to judge you. I wish this was the life I knew growing up.

Instead; my first babysitter was white and I tried to get her to breast feed me.

If you’ve ever been creative and haven’t thought of this; I’m not here to judge you. This really the most struggle i’ve ever seen in one picture.

This picture will inspire me to always use my creativity to be better.


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