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Life Lessons from Uncle Ron

Life Lessons from Uncle Ron

  • Don’t ever be a quitter. A quitter never wins and a winner never quits. Life is gonna be hard. Pause. You gotta just “stay strong and tweet thru it” @nerdatcooltable
  • Be Better every day. Life can’t stop and won’t stop. We can proclaim the end is near all we want but every day since niggas started doing that we’ve still been here. Don’t waste your life waiting for it to end.
  • I have one fear in life….that’s being wack. I wash my face every morning and look into a mirror at my own eyes (like a real creep) and tell myself to: think great, work hard and don’t be wack.
  • Know yourself and then know what you want out of life. As long as you wake up daily with a mission to be productive at something. I support you. I don’t sell drugs. But if you are good at that type  shit. Be great at it. Don’t hang around people who will tell on you. That’s wack. 
  • Don’t care about your ex, just hope they’re bored and fat. Save your data plan for DM’s.
  • Women really are the dopest creation on the planet. iPhone without women using them would just be a phone for the oceans. Women make life worth living and not all of them are hoes. In fact real hoes don’t even bother other people; they too busy doing hoe shit.
  • If you made it to today; it was for a reason. Figure it out and be great for that reason.

Don’t Let this be your daughter

Don’t want this out of life

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