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Recent Emoji Readings

Recent Emoji Readings

Starting off the week with some Emoji Readings. Women ask me how do I do it. It’s just a gift.


Well Crystal, the first thing that stands out is the leaf emoji in the 2nd row. This tells me you’re an occasional weed smoker. Nothing wrong with that, just keep it classy. You’re a music lover, you love to dance and just vibe out to all kinds of music. I’m getting the feeling your in some type of dance class or something. The 2 praying emojis tell me you’re a spiritual woman. Spiritual women are dope but I hear they’re psycho.

Make sure you keep that weed habit under control. Stay spiritual and keep dancing, it’ll keep you in shape. Remember, being in shape is all that should matter in a chicks life.


Eggplant in 2nd row instantly stood out (Pause). Especially since its right next to the lipstick emoji. We know what that means. That lil kid emoji in the middle worries me. That’s the sneaky emoji. You’re beautiful and sneaky??? A heartbreaking combination. The 3rd row includes a Green Heart, Heart eyes and a couples emoji. He could be the one Vanessa. Don’t be afraid to love. Don’t know what that Alien emoji is about. May have to look deeper into that.

Keep that eggplant next to the lipstick emoji and you’ll never be lonely. That couples emoji will be at the top row in no time.


Alot going on here. Looks like your life is all over the place right now….In a good way. I don’t see any sad or mad emojis so that tells me you’re in a good place right now. You’re not walking around all miserable. Heart eyes Emoji x Heart Emoji x Rose Emoji x Ring Emoji = Either you super boo’d up or you have plans on it. Good luck. That painted nails emoji should be higher up in the recents. Get your nails done more often.

Keep that positive spirit, stay on top of your nails a little better and you’ll be a wife very soon.


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