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Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Going To Start Dating White Men (By @WetAsTheCee)

Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Going To Start Dating White Men (By @WetAsTheCee)

Ice is a terrorists. He caused all kinds of backlash and reactions from his list yesterday but I thought this one was dope. Shout out to @WetAsTheCee and her blog CeeWhatHappenedWas

Who hurt her? It was Ice. 


I’ma get me one, too.

So, while on the Twitters today (you can find me at @WetAsTheCee), there was an article floating around written by one of “Black Twitter’s Elite Idiots”. Some guy name Ice wrote an article entitled “10 Reasons Black Guys Prefer White Girls”. I read. I shook my head. I realized how idiotic it all sounded. Then, I started thinking “This is just HIS opinion, this isn’t ALL black males, right????”

A glimpse of my timeline showed me, sadly, there are other guys out here who feel this way. And I by no means am knocking ANYONE’S dating preference. But I’m saddened by the amount of sheepish black men who subscribe to this same thought process. So instead of me filling up your timeline with my thought, I took it to the blog. Here we go!

10 Reasons I’m going to start dating White men:

10. White guys LOVE my hair. Whether it’s weaved, pressed or naturally twisted, I’ve ALWAYS received compliments from the men of Caucasia. They touch it (with permission), play in it, even had one help me twist it. Also, they understand that while we don’t often get our hair wet, we don’t smell like wet dog when we do.

9. White men listen. I don’t have to tell Tom more than once what I need him to do. I’m STILL asking Dayquan to get his brush and du rag out my car,

8. White guys are family friendly. Your Grandmother isn’t worried that Trent is going to steal her Sterling Silver gravy boat at Thanksgiving. He’s also bringing over a bottle of wine for Auntie Tamika to add to the punch.

7. White men aren’t bothered by my lack of restrictions in the bedroom. I believe that sex should be more than a nut. It is a bonding experience designed for pleasure and growth. But suggesting any position in the bedroom to a Black man leads to accusations of unfaithfulness and them questioning whether they have entered a relationship with a hoe. White guy? “You said you want a finger in your ass, honey?? Left hand or right?”

6. White men aren’t trying to be music A&R on Twitter. Some of my Black brothers spend COUNTLESS hours on Twitter, dissecting mixtapes, albums, blogging, but have never said anything like “hard day in the office” or “my manager gets on my nerves”. You’re not all producers or tastemakers. Most white men have goals, and will let you know of those goals within the first 30 minutes of your conversation. Check out white twitter during 9-5…CRICKETS, People!!!!

5. White men have no problem giving their women gifts. I’ve known this white dude for 4 days, and managed to get a bouquet of exotic flowers, an edible arrangement and a $200 date. A Black guy will buy you lingerie for Christmas and get mad when you’re not excited. I’m not saying that material things are important, but it’s MANY Black men out here that won’t loan their “Woman” $20 til her next payday because it’s be deemed as “tricking”.

4. White men act like they have some good gotdamn sense. I do not constantly have to yell at Rob for coming home late because Rob respects me and is home in bed by 1. I don’t have to nag Rob because he handles his business without me reminding him of his responsibilities. I don’t go through Rob’s phone or email because he’s never given me any reason to suspect something fishy may be going on. I also don’t have to worry about Rob calling me 5453 times in a row because I didn’t respond to his text quickly enough. Rob doesn’t accuse me of sleeping with every male that I say “Hi” to. Rob doesn’t ride past my house to make sure no other cars are there, either.

3. White men love to take care of their women. You need your car washed, oil changed? Those gutters clean enough? How’s that new chandelier Joe installed?

2. White men in the bedroom. Ever got some head from a suburban boy with full lips and an appetite for days??? None of that cute shit, them boys get DOWN! From the roota to the toota!! And he’s not done until you are.

And Finally…the TOP REASON…

1. White men just seem to have it together. I mean, look at Robin Thicke, Chris Noth, Robert DeNiro, Justin Chamber, Roger Ebert and David Bowie. Hell, Even Brad Pitt!!!!!! What do all these powerful, rich, famous, melanin challenged men ALL have in common??? They’ve all either dated or are MARRIED to BLACK WOMEN. 



  1. im fake mad. how dare she…

  2. Nice read. A white guy isn’t going to ask me to come see him at 3am knowing damn well it’s too late for a woman to be out that late. And he’s not going to even attempt to ask me to stand in line for him for a pair of Jordan’s.

  3. Bless this post.

  4. I call bullshit

  5. LOL . I didn’t mind Ice’s entry. I don’t this either. All entertainment.

  6. A white girl wouldn’t have responded to that list in the first place which pretty much proves the no9 and no4 point of the original blog. SHEESH! Black Girls!

  7. Zo

    Of course a white woman is not going to respond about Ice’s blog….it was praising the white woman! Duh! Just like a white guy is not going to respond negatively about this blog post…c’mon man. Why would they respond if it’s praising them??

  8. The funny thing is you won’t catch any brothers throwing a fit over this blog

  9. LOL If you’re a black man and mad at this post you might have to do like Michael Jackson and stare at the man in the mirror!!! PS this is coming from a black man

  10. “Your Grandmother isn’t worried that Trent is going to steal her Sterling Silver gravy boat at Thanksgiving”

    Black men, we gotta do better. If we gonna steal some shit, steal some shit we actually use like forks, batteries out the remote, Blu Ray DVDS, money, etc etc. Not surprised homeboy girl left him for a white boy if he stealing gravy boats

  11. Yo… dont throw dirt on the name DaQuan. Shit is mad foul.

  12. This is why I married the first white guy I dated. lol

  13. I date white men only and all of this is true. Good job!

  14. I’m a black man and I would date Anyone that I like. I don’t care if they are black or white and this blog is not going to change that. In my 23 years of living I realized that the racial stuff is bullshit. If I marry a white woman it will not be because she is so much better than any other race. If I told myself that it would be a lie because my logic, feelings and experience do not correspond to those shady and hateful thoughts , because I know and have seen white, black and intelligent Hispanic women. So I don’t entertain the whole this “this race is this, this race is that.” ‘Cause deep down… I know it’s bullshit.

  15. Amen! I thought I was the only one…. black guys dont even approach me.. white guys don’t either, but they don’t call me overtly aggressive and challenge my intelligence when I do. I’m also very athletically built. I have femininely muscular arms. WHITE MEN LOVE THAT SHIT! they see it as a sign of health. Black men are intimidated by it and are eager to put me down and ask me if I am a man or not. I had one african american gentleman call me sir just because I refused his request of “come here shawty.” what the f***? Also, white men are not afraid to stand up for their woman. But all in all.. I think it’s a mind set. Intelligent black men are with white, hispanic, asian, and latina women… So, I’ve always said.. why cry because a black man doesn’t want me? There are a million other men from other races out there willing to love me and if it just so happens to be a white man… then so be it. And to the comment above… she is just speaking from life experience. its different for everyone. its not a “this race is this/that”, its what she knows to be true. Chill…. peace.. and love

  16. I mean I’m black but, I’m the whitest guy I know not my physical appearance (I look more Dominican). I just feel like it’s not all black men, I’ve got all my shit right, I know how to please a woman, I listen to my Angel <33, I buy her whatever she wants, and we have amazing dates no matter the price cause there's nothing wrong with a little stroll around the park and maybe a bite to eat and just have a pretty chill day.I love my Mexican baby cause she's relaxed and laid back but we still have our minds right and know what we want in life. I may not be proud of where I came from, but I guess it still kinda hits me when I hear that this is what my race sounds like from someone else even though I don't know you. I mean I don't know what to say I'm not like upset or anything I just feel kinda bad about my race after this.

  17. Amen Sister, keep on preaching the truth.

  18. I jst need a White handsome man in my life#reply

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