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Life Lessons from Uncle Ron

Life Lessons from Uncle Ron

Life will always teach you lessons. Live through it, then Learn from it.

Life Lesson Video

1.   Work Hard…if you’re lazy you definitely wont enjoy the fruits of life.
Imagine how miserable it must be to wake up every day and do nothing but be lazy.
I cringe at the thought.You can’t get jawns if you dont put in effort, you dont know what effort is
unless you’ve worked hard. You dont work hard when you’re lazy. See where i’m going? No?!
Then you’re just lazy and all your blessings of box and potential prosperity will end up in the ashy hands of a hard working

2.   Take a nap with your child (No Sandusky)…Tell them something you’ve learned from life and then take a nap with them.
When you’re child becomes old and wise that nap will have kept them from becoming a serial killer or a hoodrat nigga.
Nap’s are powerful after you’ve worked hard for them.
3.   Take care of your feet. As i’m typing this….i’m pausing to lotion my toes and massage my heel meat; as you should.  
Your feet guide you through this filth in the world. If your feet look like you soak them in baby powder you might need
some oils in your life. Maybe drink more water. People gonna remember you if you got bad feet. When your girl leaves you,
she’s not going to feel bad because your feet have scarred her legs for life. She prolly makes you sleep with socks on year round. 

4.   Drink Water. Have a Glass. Just sit down with a glass of water and gather your thoughts.
I guarantee by the end of the glass you’ll eliminate all chances to be labeled as ratchet. Just by
having a glass of water. If you ever say “i hate water”…you’re definitely a____

5.   Don’t let anyone question your relationship with God. Whether God is a man or a Goddess in your mind just believe in that shit. Believe you have a purpose to do great things and never do sucker shit. Im not sure that’s one of God’s commandments but I think it should be.

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