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The Relapse: I just needed closure (By @iamJAQ1)

The Relapse: I just needed closure (By @iamJAQ1)

“I hate to turn up outta the blue uninvited but….” – Adele

The relapse just crushed your whole existence. It’s like you wake up and you feel like a new person but a dirt bag at the same time. It’s the what did I do? moment. Relapsing on HIM is worst than smoking crack. The good high feelin only last 24-72 hours but after that ,The relapse has feelings which include but aren’t limited to: unexplained stomach pain, shame, rapid heart beats, anxiety , constant looking at a empty text message inbox, and or feeling like a dirt bag. <~~~ at the same damn time

It gets plain ugly Now your shutting down from the world again. Phones on silent and Trey Songz –  Heart attack is now unofficially Dedicated to HIM.

He’s tweeting and instagraming fun but your text inbox is dryer then a desert . You can’t talk to your friends she doesn’t even know about the relapse. Things just went from bad to worst.

Now what?

1. Assess the situation

2.You have to check yourself into a mental rehab. You’ve gotten your closure and you think “was it worth it?”.  You already concluded no! He still getting 4am texts. He still sleeps with the tv on and you can’t sleep with the tv on and he’s still sending wink emojis to these twitter hoes

3. work it out. It’s time for you to blast some young jeezy, get in the gym and sweat it out…don’t sweat him and keep it moving. No more sad songs … just delete every destinys child album you have. Don’t play the radio. Any song on the radio is liable to trigger memories. For Example…Fat joe’s “Another round”

3. Be realistic. Take it for what it was worth.  Good sex ….or maybe bad sex. Just brush your shoulders off and don’t subtweet.

4. Do not… I Repeat do not read that 50 shades of grey book

Follow these steps and you won’t be sending Marvin’s room text asking is he still up

The whole closure thing is a set up anyway. It’s all about you getting all dolled up and praying that he sees your face and remembers that for you it wasn’t oooovvveerrrr.

We went from friends to somethin’ much more
To breakin’ up to makin’ up and fuckin’ once more
Second chances, we gave enough to finally
We gave it up, but some days I be wakin’ up and wantin’ one more
But what for?”

J.Cole- nothing last forever

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  1. you have no idea how much this helped

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