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“The Thirst 48”: Just love the one you’re with

“The Thirst 48”: Just love the one you’re with

It’s April. By now you should be fully uncuffed. You made up a reason to argue and you’re single with perfect timing. Now you’re ready for beaches, happy hours, clubs, etc… all without having to answer to someone. Congratulations. Now you’re giving your phone number out to any and every person you come across. The life huh???? Wrong. You’re knee deep in Thirst Season now. God Bless your soul.

She most likely broke up with the one she loved. The one who adored her. The one who would do anything for her. Now she’s being texted by YB, who loves to replace c’s and S’s with K’s and seems to be slow. Please just love the one you’re with.

A whole black history month filled with unanswered texts. 6 Straight What’s Sup’s. This aint what’s up. Please Go back home to who loves you.

At least they were able to identify the person as thirsty. “Talk alot of shit….But you know that you want it.” …. Rapist lingo. I don’t wish a whole summer of this on anyone.



  1. That last one tho… dude hi her up with the hmu text, let a sitcom and a commercial go by and then hit her with the ‘nevermind’. Then waited a month after the 3am text an hither wit ‘hey’. That’s like having thirst turrets.

  2. I think these convos b fake well the last one definitely is….. they always b from iPhone users screencapping convos…. They same person might b doing it for entertainment….. I’m not saying niggas b doing clown shit like this texting bitches n no replies but this go round something seems fishy…. Either way its still funny to read do keep it going

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