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“F*ck You” Friday

F*ck Brian McKnight

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This ain’t the same guy who Martin got to sing for Gina. It was no need for Brian McKnight to hop in this lane. His name is already solidified among old washed up men and women. He’s the king of Saturday cleaning music. All these years I never heard one filthy word come out of his mouth and now this…’s no hope out here.

F*ck Deion Sanders

Just like Brian McKnight…all these years I’ve looked up to you. You represented a whole era….a classic era of real n*ggas. Now I can never look at you the same again. Ok, I understand your lady went crazy on you and put hands and feet on you…That happens to the best of them. Even I…Yes me…Nerd Nash…I’ve been assaulted by the hands of a scorned woman too. You just either yoke her up or you keep it moving. You live to fight another day…but…you never file a police report. You never tweet about it. You never get your kids involved.

 Nasty world. Those high steps into the endzone mean nothing to me now.

F*ck Steve Francis

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I know Yao Ming is disgusted. I’m disgusted. Embarrassed too. Another real n*gga has lost his goddamn mind. The rap game doesn’t want you Steve. Those wild young ASAP n*ggas not letting you get in the game with sh1t like this. You can’t make it in today’s hip hop with the alcoholic face. ┬áChill fam.

F*ck this guy in the video

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This has to be the loneliest sh!t I have ever seen in my life. Peep homeboy in the background kick boxing and the karate lessons taking place. N*gga is in his own lonely world with a fitted and a dress shirt on just doing every hip hop dance.

***F*ck You Friday Honorable Mentions ***

— Phoenix Suns

— Micheal Jordan and the Charlotte Bobcats

— The Wawa on 13 by Comcast

— Myself for just now discovering the greatness of the Wawa Quesadilla


  1. Word Deion Messed Up. You Kick Her Out, Change Your Number, And Act As If It Never Happend

  2. DaCokeWhiteeeeee

    last video got me in tears..nigga really there all alone doin every hiphop dance possible LMAO what made him do this? no harlem shake? brukk up?

  3. gotta send a Fuck you to Bobbykristin

  4. Those kids had to go home to their moms and explain how some lonely guy ruined karate for them

  5. francisvelli

  6. The credits on the last video made me laugh!

  7. I diiiiied when dude tosses his fitted and started slithering around lil!

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