Nerd At The Cool Table

Dope Or Nope


1. My Beard

2. My Story about passing out in Mexico ( I’ll be telling the story on camera next week. Stay Tuned)

3. Any song Juicy J Is on

4. Walking in your mothers house high right as she just finished cooking

5. Kool Aid Jammers

6. Old Fashioned fist fights

7.  Smoking a blunt right after your child fell alseep

8. Schoolboy Q

9. The feeling after you washed your face


1. Facebook buying Instagram

2. The Miami Heat

3. Miami Heat fans

4. Anything thats “For The Low”

5. LinkdIn

6. Wawa Salads

7. Sodas from the Dollar Store

8. Doing stuff for free

9. Struggling to get the change out the cup holder at the drive thru

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