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BAN B.A.W’s (Baggy Ass Watches)

What did your moms teach you fam? Even if you didn’t have a father how about you grandfather you bum ass n!gga? This is some sh!t that plagues men like colon cancer. Dudes out here slandering women for their excessive jewelry , wearing uggs in the summer and other shit. What about you not taking the time to  take 2 simple ass links out of  your watch so it can fit correctly???  Who is gonna take you serious when they ask you the time and you have to swing your watch around your wrist like a hula hoop?

Stay tuned because the same way we revolutionized and started a revolt against Jean shorts and “Angling” in pictures, we shall fight the good fight once again my friends. Send your pics of “Baggy ass watches” to NERDNASH@GMAIL.COM and help get the word out.

 Stay Blessed and Stop looking through your girls phone.


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