Nerd At The Cool Table

N!GGAS In Gucci

“Buy what we want; spend what we want”

Progress is a motherf*cker. Yes literally, figuratively and all that. Progress has given us things we’ve never had before. For instance; Money, Motivation and Gucci. If Gucci sold Kevlar vests…they would sell out every tax season. Don’t let my words impact your decisions. What do I know? I’ve never owned Gucci. I could be the minority within the minority. I still think dirty vans make every outfit complete.

Charlie Brown Boot Having…

N!gga walked into Finish Line just to show off his Gucci Outfit…I bet he didnt buy a single thing. Probably was too cheap to even purchase the Buy-1-Get-1-Free socks…smh. N!ggas

90% Chance of Being Single

I would bet everything I own…sneakers, polo shirts, 401k, Health Benefits…that she doesn’t have a man who loves her. She has her phone tucked under her titty…like the touch screen isn’t being f*cked up by all that excess moisture. Bless her Gucci bag though. Progress.

Thuggin Since Third Grade My N!gga

Smile little boy. All that Gucci supposed to make you happy. All the 8 years old girls must love you on the playground. If 3 girls a day aren’t offering to buy him snacks out of the vending machine; then he is backwards hustling. Or elementary hustling. Either way…ask him 8 x 7 and I bet he has to use all his fingers to figure out the answer.

$100 a sock. 2 socks. You do the math.

R&B N!ggas get away with anything. Let me get on my Macbook (Non-Existent) and take a pic of some socks…i bet I wouldn’t get a single groupie out of it. Maybe i’m just mad…pauses to rub husky female thighs….nope. Not  mad.


The Gucci and the money sleep on the hotel bed…the baby and the pampers sleep on the floor.

Until Next Time…

Remember Gucci doesn’t get you box. Having Game does.

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