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Nerd At The Cool Table & @RellyOnSmash Present The Top 10 Dope Regular Chicks on Twitter

Nerd At The Cool Table & @RellyOnSmash Present The Top 10 Dope Regular Chicks on Twitter

Nobody shows love to the dope regular chicks on twitter.  Me and @Rellyonsmash decided to salute the women of twitter who aren’t out here bathroom angling, setting thirst traps, putting booking info in their bios and hanging out in rappers mentions. We’re showing how much we appreciate the chicks who read books, keep themselves covered up and  won’t @ you when your’re out with them. Dope regular chicks (and Dominicans) will run this spring/summer.   Follow these 10 chicks and add some substance to your timeline and your life. 

10. @TutiDaBoss

She’s good for man bashing tweets but still dope.

9.  @Jamisaaa

No bathroom pics, just music and lonely tweets. She directs videos too.

8. @flordeoro_

NYU alum and old school wrestling fan.

7. @CallMeJewC

Jewish “Certified Thirst Blocker”. She runs ComeGetYourKids.Com and she’s the silent assassin for NerdAtTheCoolTable.Com

6. @Vivalastace

Red Lipstick and exotic weed.

5. @shadibangbang

She’s Persian. That’s enough to be on the list.

4. @iHeartKira

She’s a laker fan who will curse you out at any second but there’s no denying her dopeness.

3. @farahpink

No filth pics just twitpics of her work space. She’ll drive your car for you while you smoke though.

2. @UrbnStylista

The winner of the “Coolest Spanish chick in the world” award 2 summers in a row. The official “Girly Girl” of twitter.

1. @YolieTheJew

Not sure if she’s just a lunatic or just very funny, but she’s dope. Pray your daughter grows up to be Yolie…Minus the filthy language and disrespectful tweets.



  1. floro and regular ass ron girl won tho the rest were cool some were ewww but niggas out here trying to get major box off twitter tho I salute you flithy bastards

  2. Honorable mentions for bellissimaa and officiallymissy theyre dope regular chicks too

  3. Most of these Women(I use that term loosely)get RT’d on my TL freguently,one particular I try my damnest not to read her tweets but twitter filter fuckin up lately, I’ll vouch for Julisa,classy ass Dominican that she is,she deserve to be “Coolest Spanish Chic” 2 years running…not that I follow alot of Spanish women but I’m just saying

  4. DaCokeWhiteeeeeee

    Man next up give us top 10 filthy chicks. I dont go on twitter for positivety nigga! Im only on there for worthless opinions n filth!

  5. yolie and urbn pop up on my TL often fuck it ill give it a trial run

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