Nerd At The Cool Table

Dope Or Nope


1. PF Changs in a bag meals
2.This shortened NBA season
4. Us (The staff of Nerd at the cool table getting a step closer to our goals everyday)
5.The emergence of Troy Ave
6. Weed cookies
7. Bombay Gin
8.Supreme clothing


1.Charles Hamilton (Yes still)
2.Nike releasing 7 pairs of sneakers every weekend
3.Reactions to the “Men bracket” on twitter
4. DJ Clue weak ass “Flex rant”
5.Fake Dre beats headphones
6.Not noticing who’ve you inspired
7.Not having a new Birdman single “Right Now”
8.Lupe fiascos dreads


  1. Lupe’s dreads are the worst…but I’m giving him a pass with the understanding that with time, hopefully they will get better. See “Wayne”, “Busta” (in his glory days) and “Future”.

  2. Bombay Gin is so dope dawg.
    You are right about Fake Dre beats, its like a new virus everywhere. smh

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