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D.O.A (Death Of Angling)

D.O.A (Death Of Angling)

These pics are more proof of why you shouldn’t make any new friends. Observe them then ask yourself “Would I bring this person into my circle?” The answer should be hell no.

Would you invite him over to watch the Heat/Sixers game with you?

How much you want to bet she’s sending this to her friends man?

This is someone’s BFF. He’s giving somebody’s kid a high five.

He’s too cool. He’ll certainly call your girl while ya’ll are split up.


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  1. julius charles

    The many-angled ones exist in a space with more dimensions than our own; hence, they appear to be many angled. As a result, when they manifest in our universe they appear as disconnected floating body parts of some larger beast that is complete in the higher dimension (similar to how a three dimensional being would appear in flatland as its parts pass through the plane of that two-dimensional world).

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