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Bunny Tales 6

Bunny Tales 6

I’ve been away. You don’t care and I won’t pretend to be offended that you don’t. I know I may seem to only care about the flesh tones of those who tan in the summer and look see-thru in the winter….but that’s not the case. To be honest…Bunny Butts in spite of all their glory and beauty can be the most frustrating species to interact with. I’m sure one of them will criticize my fake intelligent writing skills. I don’t give no fucks. Enjoy laughing at my fake frustration.

What are YOU looking at?

I dont know who looks crazier. Her or Him. She’s obviously gone full crazy (comes out with no holds barred when drinks are in the air). Him…..something about a dude who looks like he never blinks bothers me. As cute as Heather appears to be….full crazy isn’t really that attractive. She has the strangest twinkle in her eye that only comes as a result of saying “fuck it” to ever being just a little drunk or a little crazy. Men like a little crazy. Mental hospitals and prisons like full crazy. This has to be the weirdest couple i’ve ever laid eyes on. Im stopping before his eyes really creep me out.

OG Bunny God Triple OG

He’s heard every line. He’s used every line. There’s nothing you’ve done that he hasn’t already been through at least twice. Basically every new n!gga he sees with a bunny in arm he considers “Jody”….like from Baby Boy. Yeah. Thats how OG Bunny Gods maneuver. Signs of an OG Bunny God:

Shaved Head = Started to go bald…his girl told him he’d look good with a shaved head. He never turned back.

Goatee = Says he could grow a beard if he wanted…but his girl likes this better

Going with his girl on her Bachelorette Party = OG’s know where reckless young n!ggas hang. They know how reckless young n!ggas disrespect the sanctity of marriage. OG’s used to be reckless young n!ggas. Triple OG….knows his girls best friend hates him. Hates him so much….for all the times he got caught with other women but claimed Michelle as his one and only; that she wants nothing more than for her friend to find love in the arms of another. OG’s grow older…some wiser, some dumber…but always with their bunny. So best friend….dont be bitter forever.

Times Remembered

Awww. Yuck. Girls like doing this. If you pose for any picture with your girl from this day forward….expect to see something like this. Bunny’s love taking pictures with their man and they love arts and crafts. What makes you think they wouldn’t combine the two? Does Kevin know? Yes…he wore a matching shirt and posed. He knew this was going to be photographed. Match your girl one day if you want….your picture will be taken and posted online for everyone’s enjoyment except yours. If your bunny has an iPhone just prepare to have your photo taken and run through a filter on instagram….And then prepare to explain why no man wants to have his forehead glimmering in the internet lights.

God Bless, Happy Hanukkah and I don’t remember when Kwanzaa starts.

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