Nerd At The Cool Table

“The Thirst 48”

With Take Care leaking, Aqua 8’s & Heartaches dropping today and the absence of the NBA, November will be the thirstiest month ever. People will be sending tender texts/private message with hopes of being loved enough to get invited to Thanksgiving/X-mas dinners and gatherings. Blame Drake and Eddie Caine for every thirst message you receive this month.

Thirst with not one period to get in it’s way. One huge run on thirst sentence.

He went from a sweet compliment to poppin up out of nowhere with pure filth.



“Whats up Nerd!

I check out your site all the time and I love how you display these
thirsty, bbm posing, death to angling ass niggas. I said I would never
put anyone on blast bc I can appreciate the thirst sometimes, but this
shit has gone too fuckin far!!!! The thirst is at an all-time high and
it’s gone on long enough.

I met a guy who seemed “really nice” and I gave him a chance with my
number. (That will never happen again! It’s so quiet for all yall now)
After ignoring him for a week (text that I have delete) he just has
not stopped and I can’t take this shit any longer! The thirst is REAL
out here smh.

Oh and I must warn you the pics got explicit! So I did my best to “edit” them.
He doesn’t stop at text tho he calls randomly from his number and
other numbers so that I’ll answer. And when I did unknowingly answer I
told him to just stop and reminded him of how foolish he looks. But he
won’t let that stop him. Mr. Persistent!

I just don’t get it Nerd, WHY!?!? I even tried to give him a heads up
on how to handle a lady but noooo.

Please Save Me, Nerd!!!!!” – Anonymous 

smh greasy ab shots and all….

I don’t even want to think about what’s behind the blackout.

I hope god gets a copy of every last one of these love messages.

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