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Sophisticated Ignorance Interviews the dopest designer in the world, Nasir (@_TheInfluencer)

The internet has been abuzz lately about a recent fashion win for Wale, all of which was centered around his MMG Varsity jacket designed by Nasir aka @_TheInfluencer Lead designer & The man behind ‘The Circle of Influence’. I was well aware of Nasir doing his thing in the fashion biz for a little moment now, but not to an exact extent UNTIL he posted a picture of Wale rocking the jacket & Complex Mag’s website as well as others calling it “The best Varsity Jacket they seen in a while.” Without further ado, the Inventor of The New Cool…

What’s good akhi, Let everyone know your name. what it is you do & where you’re from:

Peace, my name is Nasir and I am the owner and lead designer for Circle of Influence. When I’m not making clothing for trendsetters, I work with youth, adults with developmental disabilities, and ex-offenders. Born and raised in South Jersey, now residing in Delaware.

About your craft/trade how did you get into it or where did the passion derive from:

Growing up my mom wasn’t buying me the most popular things and I wanted to wear the dope brands so I used to spend my entire check on clothes and sneakers. Around 17, I began to re-construct clothes and add different fabrics to existing pieces and I evolved from that point. I just wanted to be fly and do it with the finances I had.

READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE:  Interview with the creator of Wale’s MMG Varsity Jacket

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