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It feels so good to not be watching BET: A salute to Webbie

Last  week Webbie got banned from 106 & park. Allegedly for smelling like Kush and whispering nasty nothings into Rocsi’s ear. Salute that man. He only acted out in a way he felt was appropriate for BET. Honestly, I give BET 100% of the blame. BET gave Webbie the impression he could stroll on stage without a piece of care and behave like a savage. BET just had DM….I mean Earl Simmons on 106 & park and had the nerves to let El Debarge grace the same stage as the legendary Meek Millz (I know I keep bringing up this El Debarge incident but it really upset me all jokes aside).

We all would have done the same thing.

“Shit, they just had DMX on the show. I can go on and act as ignorant as I want”

That’s exactly how I would have felt. If DMX can sit on that stage fresh out of his 27th jail bid I can smell like weed and try to bag Rocsi. I totally understand.

Shout out to Webbie. Shame on BET.

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