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Check Engine Life

It’s been more than a month since the last Check Engine Life post but don’t worry….nothing has changed. I’m still about this life even if I have 11k followers on twitter and rub shoulders with celebs and fake famous people. You want to know what keeps me grounded after nights of being praised for my obvious greatness and having the worlds most beautiful women throw themselves at me?????

That check engine light. It humbles me. It tells me I haven’t done a goddamn thing yet. It tells me to stay hungry. I admit, it’s not easy. Especially since I have an iphone now; but I remain down to earth. All because of that little bright orange warning. Don’t know where i’d be without it.

The movement is still alive people.



  1. check engine light and less than half a tank of gas…stay hungry

  2. check engine struggle isnt cool. females only like xmas lights on your christmas trees not ur dashboard. get it together. check engine sign come on in my car and i wanna “roof” my vechile.

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