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Week 3 NFL Picks

Why not?????

I would like to think my word is good to at least a few of my readers. Even though I haven’t won a Delaware Park parlay card in 2 full seasons I still feel I can help someone else pick a game. So I decided to once again do a good deed for the people who support me.

Every saturday from here on out I will pick every single NFL game against the spread. If you win just hit the donate button…if you lose keep it to yourself.

Here we gooo….

San Francisco (+2.5) @ Cinncinnati (-2.5)

The Bengals suck. San Fran getting 2.5 points is a gift from Jesus. So what their in Cincinnati. I learned to never ever ever bet with the Bengals. Take the niners.

New England (-7) @ Buffalo (+7)

You know what…..I know what you’re thinking. You think the Patriots are going to smoke Buffalo. If i wasn’t a Bills fan i’d probably take the Pats I won’t lie…but I am a Bills fan. This is like our Super Bowl. We have to win. Go ahead and take the Pats though. Just don’t be surprised if my Bills fuck your money up. I’m taking the Bills.

Houston (+4) @ New Orleans (-4)

This is kinda tough. Houston always looks good but fold in big games. This is a big game in my opinion. Plus, I don’t think the Texans D can stop Brees. Nobody can stop brees. I wouldn’t be surprised if New Orleans washed Houston. Take the Saints.

NY Giants (+8.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles (-8.5)

I hate the Giants…..but they’ll cover. It’s a division game and 8.5 is alot of points. Take the Giants.

Miami (+2) @ Cleveland (-2)

Cleveland always slithers out with at least a cover it seems. They’ve fucked my money up plenty of times. Cleveland ain’t a bad team. Take Cleveland.

Denver (+7) @ Tennessee (-7)

Titans just washed the Ravens and I hate Kyle Orton. That’s enough reason for me to tell you to take the Titans.

Detroit (-3) @ Minnesota (+3)

Go ahead and put your money on McFlabio if you want. I’m not. Besides, I really think the Lions are serious this time. AP does scare me but I just can’t rock with Mcnabb. Go with the Lions.

Jacksonville (+3.5) @ Carolina (-3.5)

Cam Newton will float all over the Jags. This is a stone cold goddamn lock. Bet the house. Take the Panthers

Kansas City (+14.5) @ San Diego (-14.5)

Another stone cold lock. Kansas City got cooked by Buffalo and Detroit. Kansas City just has bad luck. 2 Stars (Berry & Charles) out for the season. I doubt they even care. Take the chargers

Jets (-3) @ Oakland (+3)

hmmmm… This is going to be a good game. Don’t sleep on Oakland. Take the Jets though.

Baltimore (-5) @ St. Louis (+5)

Baltimore won’t lose to these guys right after they got smoked by the Titans. Ray Ray won’t allow that. They’ll win and cover easily. Take the Ravens.

Atlanta ( +1.5) @ Tampa Bay (-1.5)

Division game so I can’t even call this one. I’ll try though. Atlanta beat the Eagles and Tampa Bay came from behind to beat the Vikings.  I’ll go with Atlanta to win and cover.

Green Bay (-4) @ Chicago (+4)

Green Bay let Cam go wild on them. Chicago let Brees go wild on them. You can look at that any way you choose. Packers will win….but won’t cover. Take the Bears.

Arizona (-3.5) @ Seattle (+3.5)

Arizona will blow Seattle out. No doubt about it. Take the Cards.

Pittsburgh (-10.5) @ Indianapolis (+10.5)

Don’t sleep on my man Kerry Collins!!!

Nah. Sleep on him. Take the Colts.

Washington (+5) @ Dallas (-5)

I hate Tony Romo but he swagged out on niggas last sunday. He’ll keep the swag going. Even with the swag I see this being a real close game. Take the skins.

I wish all you beautiful football fans tons of luck. Enjoy the games, eat good and tell your girl to keep her mouth shut until every single game and game highlight has been digested. 

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