Nerd At The Cool Table



—- 80% of people that reply ” Google it!” during a debate don’t read

—- 43% of people hype for the iPhone 5 are on their 2nd unemployment extension

—- 100% of white women who use “nigga” in their daily conversations prefer black penis

—- 77% of women admitted to cheating on their facial hairless boyfriends with bearded men

—- 80% of women who clean the house without using bleach or products with bleach in it have STD’s

—- 100% of men who have a toothbrush guard on their toothbrush lost more fights then they’ve won

—- 90% of Lebron fans still blame Chris Bosh, 90% of Dwayne Wades fans blame Lebron and we weren’t able to find any Chris Bosh fans for comment

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