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Legendary Friday’s w/@DJYoungLegend: BET Hip Hop Awards 2011 Rules & Guidelines

What’s Good Ya’ll, DJ Young Legend Back With This Week’s Legendary Friday Blog.

 Now, I Know A Lot Of People Are Making Their Way Down To Atlanta For The BET Hip Hop Awards This Weekend But Before You Pack Your Bags & Ship Your Baby Off To Your Grandmom’s House I Wanna Give Ya’ll A Few Rules & Guidelines To Abide By.

 1. If You Don’t Have Your Rent Money For The Month, DO NOT Go To Atlanta This Weekend.

 2. Ladies, If You Have To Share A Hotel Room With 10 Other Females This Weekend Trust Me It’s Not Worth It.

 3. Rappers Save Yourself The Embarrassment & Don’t Hand Waka Flocka Your Demo, He Will Frisbee Your Shit Out Of The Sun Roof.

 4. If You Are 6’2 & Up, The Ladies Will Think You’re An NBA Player & Try To Fuck So Fellas Make Sure You Use A Condom Or That Broad Will Track Your Ass Down On Facebook Talkin’ Bout’ She Is Pregnant.

 5. If Anyone Runs Into Mya This Weekend Tell Her I Love Her, This Isn’t A Rule Or Guideline, Just Wanted To Throw That Out There

Legendary Freestyle Of The Week, Big Sean Flamed This Joint.

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