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“F*ck You” Friday

Tyrese….Fuck you.

Fuck you for trying to craft your fake inspirational act in my hometown. You obviously didn’t do your research. Wilmington, de is home of the heartless. The home of anti-inspiration. Nobody took the time to tell you we fight in T.G.I.F Friday’s for fun? Nobody told you we canceled our 4th of July fireworks? You didn’t know we had a tax return party?

Yea ….. You had no clue.

This explains why you attempted to enlighten us. All because you couldn’t find a pack of gum…..

in the most filthy liquor store you in wilmington.

You twit pic’d it and went on a rant about liquor stores being next to all of our schools. Not because you really give 2 fucks but because you had a book signing that day so you needed to get some publicity.

Wilmington, De doesn’t care about your wise words. It’s no use for them here. That’s why 101.7 and Tony Q escorted you outta  the station. Tony Q is a great man and I admire him. He understands n*ggas don’t care. Poison in the community is the last thing on our minds.

Just keep Suki Hana open and make sure @DJBran gives us the mix @ 6 everyday. We’re good with that.

Tony Q got you out the station…..and i’m getting you the fuck outta here.

@DameFK …….. Fuck you.

My man @rellyonsmash out here in some of the most dangerous streets in the tri state trying to rep CT to the fullest and this is what you do?

It’s not even the hug that creeps me out. It’s the suspect stance you have while hugging.

First you ruin hours of exclusive Nerd At The Cool Table footage….now this.

“nigga that pic is CLEARLY  doctored! an idiot can tell that’s my face photoshopped onto Ciaras body” – Dame

Fuck you Dame.

Fuck you DMX

No reason really. You were cool this week, but I made a promise to my mother you would be on Fuck You friday every friday for as long as this site exists.

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