Nerd At The Cool Table

“The Thirst 48”

Things are only getting worse out here. The thirst epidemic continues to destroy lives and ruin real n*ggas pursuit of box.


Warning: These 2 cases of thirst displayed here will be very disturbing.

Texting “Hello” is already top 3 most thirsty greetings of all time … but to send it twice then follow it with a “hey bay” is just a disgrace. “Dehydrated” should have way more self respect for himself.
This looks like just another thirst mission. A simple compliment…. a tender “Can’t sleep?”… nothing to crazy right?
until he transfers the thirst to Words With Friends. This guy is a professional. Not too many cats are willing, or have the guts, to transfer the thirst to Words With Friends. Genius….but sad at the same time.
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