Nerd At The Cool Table

Random Thoughts 8.3.11

– I don’t trust white girls that only date Spanish guys.
– Legging season is right around the corner.
– Moes tacos >>>>> Chipotle tacos but Chipotle bowls >>>>> Moes Bowls
– Just copped my first joint roller today
– Instagram is the devil
– I still haven’t heard Wiz Khalifa’s album
– Remember Big Lez?

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  1. Wiz album is weak, your not missing much. Don't know what Ice sees in it.

  2. ….yes big "legs", where is she now? still on my before i die list…

  3. You could live 100 years Nerd and still not miss Wiz Album,I listened it once,sent my link to homie (Nicki shameless plug lol) and deleted it promptly

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