Nerd At The Cool Table

R.O.Z – Piff Music

Something fresh out of Canada. Yall know my word is good. Shout out to @IAMKRIS24

1. Intro
2 Rhythm of The Night
3. We Here
4. Speakers On
5. Blow It Out the Window – Interlude #1
6. Mary Jane
7. Mo’ Piff
8. Entertainment, Money, Business. [EMB] Feat. R Black
9. Let’s Get It On Feat. Brian Notice
10. Addiction – Interlude #2 With Mayer Hawthorne
11. Rollin’ w/ Big Lean
12. Manitoba Hydro Feat Teddy T & NDU
13. Burn It Down w/ Rich Young
14. Piff Music Feat Teddy T
15. Cloud 9 Feat Mrs. Niko
16. Ride Out
17. Let It Go w/ Big Lean

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