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Dear Troy Ave,

Man I’m trying to be great out here and niggas don’t support shit b.
How can a nigga with a lot on his mind get the shit out? Too many
bloggers, fake radio hosts and shit. I don’t rap or play ball but a
nigga got a lot to say.

Trent in Indiana

Thats a good question. If u got a lot 2 say you’r gonna need an audience 2 say it too. So you gotta go into the Entertainment realm. You may need 2 be the minority “real nigga” amongst the Bloggers and radio host that you feel are so “Fake”. They do got a lot of real nigga bloggers, and when i say real I’m not saying like street tuff gangsta jail nigga shit. I mean real as in “They Know Who They Are & They Be Who They Are” ….For example, My nigga Nerd, Lowkey, Punch……Foxx kind of sought of because i really don’t even know what the fuk he does, he’s Like Tommy from Martin but all in all its more “Real Niggas” then u think. Too many to name off hand. You should try and form an alliance with them and filter out ya thoughts and opinions thru they’re Channels (I felt mad professional saying that Lol)

Now as for radio host i don’t really know much bout that. They’re more fake then anything in my opinion…….but anyways #BricksInMyBackapack2 *POWDER To The People* is droppin this month, and that will have all the answers you need in life. POWDERrrrr!

Dear Troy Ave,

So I smashed the window’s of my boyfriend’s baby momma’s car and
that bitch talking about she gonna call the cops on me. I told her I
was with him so no way I did it. My boyfriend said that if the cops
come he ain’t gonna lie for me. What kind of shit is that??? We been
together like 8 months and he wanna act all brand new on me.. Should I
confess or try to slash her tires to scare her or something?

Lisa from Delaware

You kind of on some crazy bitch shit and that’s a turn off ….you gotta chill. That’s his baby momma and his child gotta ride in that car that u smashed the mirrors out of. 2 be honest you shouldn’t even have any type of confrontation with the bitch cause u got the nigga. So therefore in the words of that Evelyn from basketball wives bitch “She’s a NON MUTHA FUKIN FACTOR” and he ain’t wrong for not covering for you with that alibi unless he sanctioned it. Don’t know if he’s a street nigga but being involved with police questioning or anything of that nature is Wack and unwanted attention and its Extreme Wack when its ova some Domestic Shit….. So don’t confess if she ain’t got proof but don’t slash her tires either, just ignore the bitch

Dear Troy Ave,

What’s good Harry Powder! I been following your wave since Bricks,
Bitches, and Benzes? I need that new music to ride through these
streets, It’s summer and hoes I never seen before all of a sudden I
see on the regular. So many to choose from, but you can’t fuck em all.
What’s some tell tale signs to divide the real, thorough ones from the
birds disguised in mac make-up and fake louis bags during summer?

Shard from North Philly

No Doubt, More Powder 2 You My Nigga! That new shit droppin this month.

As far as the hoes….. it all depends if you looking for a girl or you just looking 2 knock a few joints down 2 up the stats for the summer. It’s 2011 and with all the advancements in technology its getting harder and harder 2 tell the real from the fake, but u can also do what i call the #’s game….its where u look at shit and see if it adds up. If you see a bitch in a hoop ride or always taking the train instead of a cab during dangerous hrs…. like late at night and she’s wearing a thousand dollar hand bag, 9.5 times out of 10 its FAKE. If you see a chick with chippy nail polish she ain’t the 1 for you. If a chick has ” Red Bottoms ” Christian Louboutin shoes (i had 2 look in my chicks closet 2 get the correct spelling #RealShit #STG).. but yea if she got those on with a pair of house of Dereon jeans or some apple bottoms them shits probly fake B.

Plus if you looking for a girl u never wanna fuck with a chick that’s mad fly but live with her moms and shit, that mean her priorities is all fuk’d up. On some real shit u cant look for a wife they gotta find u on some natural shit. You can look for plenty bitches to take down over the summer…. and boy will you find them BELIEVE ME!

BRICKS IN MY BACKPACK 2 *POWDER To THe People* Coming this Month

Dear Troy Ave,

I just need some quick advice on how to handle friendships with your
homies. Like, I’m out here making some moves trying to get into
another tax bracket within a few years. My money growing slowly but
surely since me and my homie teamed up on this clothing idea. Our
other homie we grew up with wants in on the idea, too. Prolly because
he sees what we see in it…$,$$$,$$$. But the thing is, he’s fucking
useless. He can’t do shit. I mean, I’m the creative one with drawing
ideas and my homie went to school for business management. But this
nigga here, didn’t even finish high school. I love em because we were
all blood tight as kids, but now he asked to be a business partner and
I don’t know what to say. What would you do in this case?

Jose from Orlando

Unless that nigga is bringing something substantial to the table … money , marketing or promotion wise then u can’t fuck with him on some business shit. Ya’ll gotta do your own thing. If he’s a real friend he gotta respect that. I mean if u wanna be nice u can sell him 10% of the bizness and give him a make believe position ….but what was the reason why he didn’t get down with it when ya’ll 1st started??? If it was because he aint believe in it then there’s no way in hell u should fuck with him professionally. If ya shit would’ve been unsuccessful he wouldn’t of offered 2 invest money in the bail out.

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Bricks in my backpack 2 coming soon.

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