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Sap Da Beatman Interview

They say nothing hot comes out of Delaware. I guess they don’t know SAP DA BEATMAN, Delaware’s hottest producer. Now, only 20 years old, he’s ready to be the hottest in the world.

A lot of people don’t know you got a nice little catalog. Let the people know a couple of artists you’ve worked with.

Well I worked with freeway a lot , meek mill , lloyd banks , cassidy , gillie , jadakiss , beanie sigel and almost anybody who’s buzzing in the tri state that’s kind of how I got my buzz

Im from Delaware too so i already know how hard it is to get a buzz out here. Seems like in DE people are too cool to support each other. What do you think needs to change as far as the Delaware music scene is concerned?

I just think it has to do with following other people. I think its kind of picking up now a LITTLE bit. Reason why I say this is because I always thought delaware were followers and one person from delaware just needed major support from someone who they were drawn too which is philly. Once I got that I knew things would pick up for not only me, but for de a little more. All this stuff comes from music , your state is just as cool as people make it look , like when you think philly , you think gillie , meek , young gunnas , beans , ect they made you believe their city is the shit….which is the trick ….that’s why when people in delaware say I’m going out tonight …where they say they goin?…philly haha

I read somewhere that you don’t drink or smoke. I know its gotta be hard sitting in a studio wit a bunch of liquor & weed and not indulging lol.

Hahaha I had a few drinks in my time I’m not gonna lie but I’m not old enough to drink. That’s da problem anyway lol so drinking around business would be totally unprofessional and some people wouldn’t take me as serious as they do now.

Does the huge success of Lex Luger, only 19 years old, Inspire you? What other producers inspire you?

Awwww man no doubt! Kanye is my favorite artist and Luger got him and jay on the same beat of his?! Dope!..but I’m inspired by a lot of producers like timbo , kanye , pharell , cool and dre , mannie fresh , swizzy and dame grease.

Who’s better….Timbo, Swizz, Or Kanye?

Timbo is my favorite producer so I’m rollin wit him haha , his creativity is crazy , he made that beat “bounce” that was on step up 2 I believe , out of a laugh and I heard the laugh he used from a little girl like….wow smh

I heard you on a few tracks rapping. You got some bars. I was surprised. That mean we getting a album from you?

Haha yessir! I’m actually working on and off on this mixtape called “the invite”. I got gillie on it , freeway, I’m working on doing something with meek on it and hopefully some other dope features that’s gonna compliment it. I have my own lane of rapping , I’m not a thug at all haha more like kanye/pharell/cudi all combined. But that project is slowly but surely coming , I have so many production projects on my hands right now and that is the most important thing in my career as of now. But ill still sneak hooks in on these artist songs haha

You went to the infamous Christiana High School..SMH..same school i went to. How did u manage to make it out in one piece?

Wow! I didn’t know you went there its funny because its a myth that all the real talent comes from there. Shizz nitty and dj bran also! But I would say just being leveled and staying humble and focused. It was VERY hard because I was on the radio non-stop in highschool with that meek “in my bag” joint. People thought I had a million already when I was still on the bus. That was the most important thing to my parents as well , getting me out of school after that they told me I could go full time with the music , did it , and it became a job I get paid for and I’m blessed that it worked out that way.

Let the people know what else u got coming in the future.

Right now , I actually have a production deal on the table with some very major folks and a major company but I’m not announcing until feb 6 which is my 21st bday , I will be in miami for that. But this will officially put me in the industry and on industry production. DJ young legend hooked that up for me.

Thanx for taking the time to answer some questions. I know u basically living in the studio and i know Dj Young Legend got u up to no good haha…Shout out who u need to shout out and i know u wanna plug ya twitter page so go ahead.

You already know homie shout out to everyone who supported sap form day one and DJ Young Legend of course! Follow me asap @TheRealSap

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